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The How-To to Smothering a freaky black BBW while she thinks you’re the coolest guy that wouldn’t take her mouth for any other cock socket

Sometimes them bitches haven’t fucked for so long they’re really shy and afraid to take a cock like they should – that’s the moment when you have to take action in your hands and just get what you want. Don’t worry they like to please you, so they won’t be unhappy as long as they […]


Some bitches are nice, some bitches are bad, some bitches like up their the ass, fat bitches like it no matter what!

Yeah, they may play rough sometimes and put on a game, like they’re a big players, but once you stuff that piece of meat you hold in your pants, they go from bad to anything you want them to be as long as you keep pulling out and pushing in, cuz them chicks – they […]


Once upon a time … it was a black, pitch dark rainy night… And I just had to slap that round black ass and fuck it right!

So I’m on my way back from work, it’s about 11pm its pitch dark and rain is pouring out like a hell. I see this hoe standing alone in the rain and nobody’s picking her up for a blowjob. I opened my window and asked her if she wants to ride until the rain stops […]


What do you do to a chubby phat slut that wants to get her ass hole fucked hard? You slap that booty and fuck it right!

This one is fisty, she doesn’t like playing around – she wants to get the get the meat right up her fat ass and slide on it like it’s done. You know how fat bitches get “fuck my ass, fuck my ass” – that’s whatcha getting bitch – no remorse, now take it like it’s […]

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