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Super Sized BBW Babe with a Fuckable Smile

Super Sized BBW Babe bares all
She has one of the sweetest smiles out of all the sexy black mamas on the net, and she’s got a naughty idea to wrap those big jiggling boobs around a cock before the day is out. See more footage of this slutty big whore getting her groove on in hi-def videos at our big black mamas VIP website!


Raunchy Black BBW Babe In Black Leather

Kinky Black BBW bends over and shows us how to use her whip in leather
If you like big black mamas with short, sultry brown hair, we’ve found the perfect chick and she’s wearing a racy laced up black leather outfit with matching whip, ready for some kinky sexual attention! Her voluptuous curves and big, delectable pouty lips would make anyone want to flop out their cock and get it gulped down by her!


Naked and Bent Over Big Black Mama

big black mamas naked on a bed
With a full figure and something extra to hold onto from almost any angle, this super sexy black mamas got it all going on! She’s a flexible BBW minx, just watch her flip her legs up towards her head and give you a clear view of her big black snatch!


Black Redhead Spreads Her Legs For The Camera

big black mama in a lacy outfit - black bbw
Dressed in a tight white outfit, this sexy black mamas rearing to get into some serious fucking. See those big black tits hanging off her chest, bouncing as she walks and jiggling while she laughs. If you like big black jiggling chicks, you have to see this chick and all her friends at our big black mamas website!


Bright Orange Bikini and Hot Black Babe Playing With Her Pussy With Her Legs In The Air

Big black mama
What’s better than a black babe with curves? One with big thick, juicy legs and huge tits you just want to suffocate yourself between! This BBW dame’s got it all and has her legs high in the air, giving you a perfect view of that delicious pink pussy between her big black legs!


Sexy Black Hottie Gives Us A Strip Tease

big black bbw strip tease
With a smile that would knock the socks off any black BBW fan, this hot mama sports not just tattoos but a full-sized voluptuous and curvy body to boot! She’s bending over showing off her booty and her tight ass, ready for a pounding (which you can see at our Big Black Mamas site in full-screen video!).


Amateur Big Black Mamas Debut

big sexy black mamas

Might be her first time in front of our cameras but this BBW chick has a lot of talent right there on her body – just check out the size of her rack! See her bending over, playing with that warm pussy of hers. These pictures are just the start of what this hot mamas been doing in this set – see her playing with a toy while we play with her big dark nipples!


Hot Black BBW Suck and Fuck Session

Big black mamas cocksucking and fucking
We gave this sexy black mamas titties a cock to play with. She sucked it hard like a black porn star, bent over and took it like a dirty little whore then pushed her enormous boobs up and took his hot load all over her tits! See this babe rub the cum into her nipples then lick it off while it’s still warm!


Gigantic Black Tits

black bbw with huge black boobs
Her big black tits are bigger than any man’s head, guaranteed to engulf any dildo, dick or cucumber that tries to take them on! Just watch as she shoves that white-man’s dildo up her cleavage! I love a big pair of jugs and the black chick you see here has the biggest natural pair I’ve ever seen!


Black BBW Blowjob – watch this chicks suck like a pro!

big black mamas
Her favorite red vibrator goes on a lucky adventure in this racy picture set as she pushes it deep inside her warm pussy. This big black chick certainly knows how to suck a knob! She has an enormous pair of boobs that would make any toy disappear in an instant!


The How-To to Smothering a freaky black BBW while she thinks you’re the coolest guy that wouldn’t take her mouth for any other cock socket


Sometimes them bitches haven’t fucked for so long they’re really shy and afraid to take a cock like they should – that’s the moment when you have to take action in your hands and just get what you want. Don’t worry they like to please you, so they won’t be unhappy as long as they get some action themselves – a fat hoe will do whatever you command her to, especially after you eat her black pussy out 😀

Yeah mamas are shy sometime, just give them some time and they will spread open and they will bloom like a flower in front of your eyes 🙂 And if you’re smart and you know what a thankful black woman can do with access to your cock you know you won’t be regretting it 😉


Home alone Sexy Black BBW takes a shower and plays with her pussy on amateur camera


This is Tisha from Nashville, Tennesse – a sexy black BBW that likes to party to Jazz music, read books and masturbate on camera. She gets aroused by men that smell nice and know how to threat a woman with respect. She said at first that she doesn’t do anal, but then she laughed and said she loves it as much as sucking on a *beautiful* black cock 😀 This girl has some good vibe and she deserves the real thing, but this time she’s gonna click it on her own, the pussy gotta get what it needs any way possible, no? 🙂


Some bitches are nice, some bitches are bad, some bitches like up their the ass, fat bitches like it no matter what!


Yeah, they may play rough sometimes and put on a game, like they’re a big players, but once you stuff that piece of meat you hold in your pants, they go from bad to anything you want them to be as long as you keep pulling out and pushing in, cuz them chicks – they love the cock and the less they get it, the more they’re willing to put out to get it back inside of them. In the ass? Of course in the ass, where else, but the ass? Not only that they give some of the greatest BJs, most of them black hoes will ask you to fuck them ass to mouth, cuz they just love the cock homes, they love it!


Once upon a time … it was a black, pitch dark rainy night… And I just had to slap that round black ass and fuck it right!


So I’m on my way back from work, it’s about 11pm its pitch dark and rain is pouring out like a hell. I see this hoe standing alone in the rain and nobody’s picking her up for a blowjob. I opened my window and asked her if she wants to ride until the rain stops and she says its cool, she’ll wait there. I throw her a $50 and she gets in. There’s a motel near by, she says. I turn left and there it is, some creepy fucked up place I’ve never ever mentioned before. We get inside, surprisingly its nice and clean. The moment we enter the hoe gets on with it and she knows what to do – she kisses me on the neck and takes me cloths off lighting fast and my cock stands there pointing at her face. She licks the head and swallows it all, its fucking incredible. That black hoe knows how to give a head and I’m so fucking horny I can’t wait to fuck her black pussy. I pull my cock out and start ramming that shit and it feels good – she’s feeling cold from the rain and my cock inside of her feels nice and makes her juices flow – I’m fucking reckless and fuck the shit out her and she fucking loves it. When we leave she kisses me on the lips and stuffs the $50 bill in my back pocket.


Only the ones who’ve been ridden by a big black mamas know how much love they can give you when their tits embrace your face


You know what they say “once you go black, you never go back” 😀 Them black hot BBW mamas need love as much as any other woman out there and once you’ve given them some sugga they will love you forever, fucking you with mouth, ass and pussy or all the same time 😀 This black mama is a passionate sweet thing from North Carolina and she’ve been so alone for so long, she couldn’t wait to feel the dick in her mouth. Like a sexy BBW cock craver she sucked and licked it like it was a tasty lolipop.

Cute thing, she haven’t been fucked right for over an year and needed to replace that plastic dildo in her nightdrawer with the real thing and she loves the cock, she really does. Good girl, now take it up the ass!

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